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Commercial Foundation Repair

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Because commercial foundations are frequently much larger than residential foundations, they, require much larger amounts of concrete. With that being said problems such as settlement, concrete cracks, and sloped floors are not uncommon. Commercial foundations are prone to a wide range of foundation issues.  These challenges are often the result of issues that emerge during the foundation's construction, including improperly mixed concrete or poor soil compaction. Foundation challenges can also be caused by changing soil or moisture conditions near the foundation. At Coral Spring Foundation repair our team has the expertise to identify these issues and recommend the corrective solution as soon as possible.


Cracks on the outside

Cracks are typically the first signs of foundation failure. If you discover gaping holes in your foundation or on the masonry exterior of your commercial property, you almost certainly have a foundation problem. Floor cracks, wall fissures, and even a damaged chimney could all be signs of trouble.  A structure often experiences foundation movement over time as a result of the numerous weather conditions, and cracks are frequently caused by shifting foundations. This foundation problem is frequently caused by expanding and contracting soils, as well as inclement weather. Always be on the lookout for small hairline cracks in bricks or even small separation on your window frames outside of your commercial property.


Crack on the inside

Are your moldings already coming apart from the walls, or have you started noticing any small gaps in your wall? If you answered yes, your commercial building is in trouble and you should contact our team at Coral Springs foundation repairs right away. Not all cracks are the same. Vertical and horizontal cracks are the two most common types of cracks. When you see vertical cracks, remember that they are usually the direct result of the foundation unevenly settling and that these are the more common foundation issues. Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, are frequently caused by localized support failure and may be the result of a plumbing issue.


Sinking or settling of the foundation

If you notice any sinking or settlement signs in your commercial property, it is time to have your foundation inspected. Another common sign that you may have a foundation problem is settling. It is possible that over time, one side of your commercial building will be lower than the other, or that the center of your building will sink. If this is the case, your foundation may need to be lifted, which may necessitate the installation of exterior or interior foundation piers that are placed around the perimeter of your foundation to raise it, or else installed inside the structure. Foundation movement frequently causes settings and affects houses and commercial buildings in various ways, but given the possibility of complete failure over time, this issue should be addressed sooner rather than later.


Precautionary Tips

Remember that if your commercial building lacks a solid foundation, it will face a variety of issues. In the worst-case scenario, your property may even collapse. You don't want that to happen, and the best way to avoid it is to always pay attention to your foundation and have it inspected regularly. By inspecting for these signs regularly, you will be able to detect foundation problems in your commercial building early on, resulting in only minor repairs. Take steps to protect your structure and, if necessary, have it repaired by our team of qualified foundation repair contractors.

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