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Seawall Repair

excavators near the shore

Structural damage or a loss of soil containment is a major issue when it comes to seawall repair work, these problems need to be assessed by experts to make sure that it is repaired effectively and that your property is protected. In any repair work project, it is vital to seek the advice of a reputable and professional foundation repair specialist, and our team at Coral Springs Foundation repair offers just that. The issue is that seawall repairs can be costly; as a result, you must carefully consider your options. Our experts can provide you with knowledgeable guidance. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in making the best selections and to guide you through each project step.


Seawall Cap Cracks and Possible Rust Stains

Cracks, severe erosion, panel separation, and other issues to your seawall are some of the most prevalent. The seawall cap is normally made of steel-reinforced concrete and goes along the top of the seawall. If the cover has cracks or small portions missing, it's possible that the rebar is exposed. Corrosion could occur as a result of this exposure, causing it to fail. Another symptom of probable corrosion is visible rust spots. It's critical to determine the source of the rust spots. It's sometimes straightforward to figure out where the source is coming from, such as a metal railing or decorative element.


Seawall Slab Damage

If you notice an unusually large gap between seawall slabs, or if the gaps appear to be expanding in general, the joints may have weakened or fractured. Anchor failure is the most common reason, which can result in the seawall cap cracking and/or major damage to the seawall slabs. The pressure and load on seawall slabs are constant. A slab can crack, bow, lean, or become uneven as a result of a pressure imbalance. If the slab is not repaired or rebuilt, and the pressure balance is not restored, the slab can fracture, causing partial or full seawall failure.


Erosion Problems

Erosion is indicated by soil settling or holes in the ground along or near your seawall. Another common cause of pressure imbalance that can lead to slab damage and potential seawall failure is erosion. It is vital that you contact Coral Springs Foundation Repair for a full inspection immediately to avoid complete seawall failure. Our Team offers the essential products and technologies to assist our clients with emergency repair work to avoid a costly and unwanted repair project.


Expert Inspections and Guidance

Our professional at Coral Springs Foundation repair team will provide you with the solutions available to solve your problem after a full inspection is done. This can mean replacing the complete wall or only parts of the wall, depending on the severity of the damages. Some damages can be repaired with resins to fix the fractures, fill the eroded soil with fill earth, or utilize resin-injected soil. For a free foundation inspection estimation, contact our team at Coral Springs Foundation repair Today.

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