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Coral Springs Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in Coral Springs, FL

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Foundation Repairs are a service that must be performed with zeal and precision. It is one of the most crucial aspects of your property. Our foundation repairs will not only last, but will also provide you, your family, and your employees with much-needed security. A good foundation must be long-lasting and effective, but it does not have to be prohibitively expensive.

We offer high-quality Foundation repair services at reasonable prices. Call us today to schedule your foundation inspection and receive a free estimate.

About Us

We have been serving the Coral Spring, Florida community for many years and are proud to say that our efforts have paid off. It is a privilege to call Coral Springs our home after being recognized as one of the most reputable and trustworthy repair companies. Because family is important to us, we believe that Integrity is one of the most important pillars of our team's foundation. Our team of professional and fully qualified masons was chosen from the best of the best, and we constantly strive to keep up with the latest trade trends, innovations, and technologies, ensuring our customers only receive the best service, products, and, ultimately, the best solution for your foundation repair work needs.

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    Our Services

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    Why look anywhere else for foundation repair services than Coral Springs Foundation Repair? We are industry leaders who are proud, respected, and passionate about our comprehensive foundation repair service offerings. When you choose us, you can be confident that you have made the best-informed choice for all of your commercial and residential foundation needs. All of your foundation needs will be met by our professional team of skilled experts. We make certain that you have the best foundation solutions possible while also providing high-quality products and well-maintained equipment to all of our customers at reasonable prices.

    Slab Foundation Repair
    Crawl Space Repair
    Sinkhole Repair

    Slab Foundation Repair

    Slab cracks may signal a problem with the foundation. The soil beneath your home and foundation expands and shrinks as a result of Florida's harsh weather, pulling it away from the foundation. As a result, your home's foundation becomes unstable. Steel and Concrete Pressed Pilings; Slabjacking; High-Density Polyurethane Foam; Helical and Spot Piers are some of the ways used to rehabilitate poplar trees. The issue is ensuring that the solution selected is the best fit for the situation. Contact Coral Springs Foundation Repair for advice in determining the best strategy for repairing your foundation and ensuring that the task is done correctly.


    Crawl Space Repair

    As many people are aware, moisture in the crawl space can cause severe issues. Many homeowners are unaware, however, that foundation settlement and the settling of your crawl space's support system can both cause major structural damage to your home. If the beams and poles in your crawl space begin to sag or settle, an uneven or sloped floor, gaps, and voids between the walls, floor, and foundation cracks may result. Our professional team of experts can assist with making your home safe and healthy for you and your family.


    Sinkhole Repair

    There are several methods for detecting the risk of sinkhole formation.

    The following are the most critical danger indicators to be aware of: Cracks in the walls, floors, and ceilings of a building It becomes more difficult to open and close doors and windows, resulting in jamming.  Vegetation on the ground surface grows slowly or dies as a result of nutrient-rich topsoil erosion. Our Expert team at Coral Springs Foundation repair can assist with a full inspection and early detection of possible sinkhole issues. We have different repair methods available to assist our customers with sinkhole foundation issues.

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    sinkhole in the cement
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    Seawall Repair
    Soil Stabilization
    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Seawall Repair

    Seawall repairs are performing repairs on parts of your seawall that have been found to be in bad condition. These repairs commonly take the form of replacing failing seawall caps, replacing tiebacks, replacing panels and, filling in cracks.  In extreme cases, when a seawall fails completely, the repair will have to take the form of replacing the old seawall. Smaller repairs, on the other hand, are much more common and our team at Coral Spring Foundation repair offer affordable repair solutions to fit our customer's individual needs, safe, fast, and effectively


    Soil Stabilization

    Coral Springs Foundation repair has a vast number of years of experience in Soil stabilization. The process of modifying soils to improve physical properties like strength and durability. Stabilizing and repairing settled soil with various methods can make the soil completely usable for certain projects without the need for excavation or disruption of normal operations. Contact our professional team today to arrange an inspection and ensure you have the best soil stabilization team on the job.


    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Commercial foundations, which are usually much larger than residential foundations, necessitate much more concrete. As a result, issues like settlement, concrete fractures, and slanted floors are not unusual. Commercial foundations are susceptible to a variety of foundation problems. These problems are sometimes caused by problems that arise during the foundation's construction, such as incorrectly mixed concrete or inadequate soil compaction. Our team at Coral Spring Foundation Repair has the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose these problems and propose a remedy.

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    Contact Us Today

    Coral Spring Foundation Repair understands that time is of the essence. We believe in quick and efficient solutions to ensure the safety of your structure. If you have any questions about any of our available service offerings, please contact us right away. Our primary service areas include Coral Spring, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our team of friendly and skilled customer service representatives are here to assist and put your mind to rest and endeavor to only give you the best.

    “My property has a large sea wall and was in desperate need of erosion control. I had several foundation repair companies come out to my house and estimate the repair work. Coral Spring Foundation Repair was able to assist me right away and completed the project in record time, not to mention they have the most competitive pricing. I will without a doubt recommend this company to my friends and neighbors.” - Penny D

    "By far the most affordable and most efficient foundation repair work we have had done. The team is friendly, and they kept updating us throughout the whole project. Thank you so much for the stress-free repair work." - Matt L

    "Thank you to the entire team from Coral Springs Foundation Repair. Your first inspection was so in detail, we did not even realize the foundation damages to our new home. You have saved us so much money in the long run, and we are extremely thankful for your in-depth guidance on selecting the best repair solution for our home. Well, done to the entire team." - William and Mary J